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FOTOBLECH - Ideas and Applications

Here we report about ideas and applications with FOTOBLECH. Thankfully we take up inspiration and stimulus from our customers, report about completed projects and will complete these up-to-date contributions. We are always amazed at the wide range of ideas!

FOTOBLECH as a protective screen in front of a pool


With FOTOBLECH you can protect your pool area against your neighbors' views. You can precisely define the areas that should offer more privacy than others.

Here you can see the Pet Grooming Bella in Dietach which is also an advertising sign. To increase the contrast a white plastic netting has been put behind. It is always recommended when the background is rather restless and the FOTOBLECH color is very subtle.

At the top the edge was dejected twice, resulting in a kind of handrail. The lower edge was folded only 45 degrees, so there are no places where dirt can accumulate and the water can drain.

FOTOBLECH as a wedding gift


Not sure what to give to the bridal pair? What about a portrait of FOTOBLECH? This kind of gift would make a special impression.

We recommend a minimum size of A2 (59 * 42cm). Or even bigger, for example, 70 * 100cm. The image can be ordered frameless, with canted and welded edges or with passepartout. You just send us your photo and we will send back a preview including the price.

Then the portrait is stamped on 1.5 mm thick aluminum and will be powder coated. On request, we edge the borders by about 2cm and seal the edges. The result is a picture with a frame that can be easily hung on the wall. Read more here.

FOTOBLECH as a wall light


Backlit FOTOBLECH offer more contrast and make them even better. They are also suitable as a surface light on the wall or on the ceiling. The edges will be folded over, so that a very thin Lightbox is created with a surface light.

The example here shows an A2 large wall lamp as a reading lamp. The top edge was folded over twice, so that the lamp could easily be hung on two hooks.

A piece of light can be made up to 1.5 * 3m tall. We use either LED Lighting (1.5-2.5 cm thick) or luminescent films with only 0.5mm thickness.

FOTOBLECH as a porch for .... open spaces


Extensive parts of FOTOBLECH are ideal for designing open spaces. Hard glass fronts are broken and leave space behind it individually. Depending on how opaque the FOTOBLECH are elected, they are seen as facade elements or as separators.

Here is an example as a porch where you can see how beautifully FOTOTBLECH is integrated into the facade. Floral designs are very popular and show an unagitated light game that fascinates.

Folded edges of the plates show integrated webs, which save more substructures when doing this. The sheets which are colored after punching have been matched exactly to the environment.

FOTOBLECH with initials at the gate


With FOTOBLECH, special highlights are set up. In this example you can see initials in a doorway. FOTOBLECH can easily be integrated into other systems of fences and railings. Applied on glass FOTOBLECHE elements can also be.

FOTOBLECH can also be combined with standard perforated sheets. The centers of the holes remain neatly arranged so that a smooth transition to other hole patterns is possible.

Most mounting systems can be used without modification. We often edge the sheets, however, so that less substructure is necessary than normal.

FOTOBLECH with wood look


Materials which can´be worked properly can be stamped. This coating is the ideal alternative for interior. Under the coating there is normal aluminum.

Concerning the wood grain many different surfaces are possible: Golden Oak, pine, oak, mahogany, walnut, olive (high gloss), but also cherry stone surfaces such as granite.

For interior design wooden look warm materials are often required. For example conference rooms can be implemented as beautiful wall panels in wooden look.

FOTOBLECH as radiator cover


FOTOBLECH is also predestined for the interior. For example, as a cover for radiators. Let's be honest: Many radiators are no a design pattern piece! FOTOBLECH can hide these "eyesores" easily.

Due to the massive amount of holes air can circulate. The FOTOBLECH can bevelling on the edges so that they can be put over the radiator without further attachment.

Here in this example we see a stainless steel panel with wooden frame. Here, the radiator was coated black. Thus a very strong contrast between the holes and surface is created.

FOTOBLECH with ornament


FOTOBLECH is particularly well suited for any type of ornament. Many classical and modern ornament patterns are available. They can serve as a decorative element or as a framework, for example.

Here in this example you can see a fence with an ornamental element. You can see it at one of our local partners: Creative Zaun Design

All kinds of mosaics can be customized with FOTOBLECH and reinterpret. If you have a pattern or ornament and want to know how it looks like in FOTOBLECH: Just send it to us. You get back a preview not binding.

FOTOBLECH in security Sliding


Especially on company premises safety is extremly important. With FOTOBLECH you can combine safety and design. You can see here an example of an industrial door with integrated logo.

In this case, the use of stainless steel due to the higher strength is better than aluminum.

The margins are with very small holes so that it looks like one frame. Even if you look from the side of the photo sheet the subject is very easy to see. Even if the gate is dirty the theme can be recognized easily. The sun's rays break in each of the holes and let the FOTOBLECH shimmer.

FOTOBLECH with extremely thin backlighting


Sometimes a large but thin backlighting for a FOTOBLECH is required so that it is even better to be seen, especially at night. Here we offer extremely thin lights, which can be arbitrarily large, homogeneous light, but only 0.5mm thick.

Thus, even bulky light boxes for advertising purposes can be eliminated. The messages can be posted more individually.

This type of backlight is available not only white, but in many different colors. By doing this, individual parts of a photo plate can be illuminated with different colors.

FOTOBLECH with targeted shadows


The background must always be considered. Light also creates shade. This can be used for example to project a company logo on the floor or on a wall. In this example is it a portrait.

Signs or instructions can also be shown in this way.

Especially when using FOTOBLECH as a sunscreen. A shutter of FOTOBLECH casts its shadow in the interior or on the curtain.

FOTOBLECH double pattern


In some situations, two photo plates are arranged one behind the other. So two simple patterns, depending on the angle, reveal surprisingly complex overlapping motifs. The picture shows two very simple patterns - one standing, the other lying. Together, they provide a nice rosette pattern.

The three-dimensional effect can also be enhanced. Playing with different color photo plates, which are arranged in series, are also conceivable.

This situation results in double-shell wall structures with Fotoblech quite often. It is interesting with a double-shell shutter construction.

FOTOBLECH as an aluminum case of a special kind


Our recent example makes perfectly clear that not only facade elements can be created by FOTOBLECH. An aluminum case design with cut-outs! Admittedly, a little bizarre, but it has its advantages. Apart from that it´s an eye-catcher and also very lightweight. In this case, stainless steel is not recommended, because the case would be too heavy.

For all those who are not satisfied with the same old uniforms of suitcases and bags, it is an interesting alternative.

This shows the functional aspect of FOTOBLECH: When speaking of lightweight construction it´s perfectly the correct material. There are some research projects. We report the results of this.

FOTOBLECH as grill


Corresponding to the season, we have attached the FOTOBLECH as individual grill. Made of stainless steel, it is a nice alternative to the other grills. Any size is possible. The perforated pattern, if desired, can be transferred to the food.

The edges are folded up again so that no sausages can drop. Small pieces of barbecue never fall again into the fire. If necessary, portions of the grill bars are defined in which no holes exist. These areas could, for example, be used as hot plates.

At the bottom of the photo the sheet also serves as a base for the ashes. That would be a gift for your next visit to friends, wouldn´t it?

FOTOBLECH as Portrait with passe-partout

Weißer Rand

For portraits we often use FOTOBLECH. Behind the perforated sheet another white plate is mounted, which is slightly larger and frames the image as a kind of mat. This example clearly shows that the background is always beeing considered.

On the left you can see a portrait, which we presented a few days before the competition "120 seconds", among other examples. The judges loved it and so we won the first prize.

Many people believe that the image was painted on or behind the perforated sheet. But only the different-sized holes produce this effect.

FOTOBLECH as table


Not only in the classical architecture you can use FOTOBLECH applications, but also in the interior, such as a table. Of course, our tables are weather resistant, making them ideal as garden furniture. Despite the relatively low weight this table is very stable and even able to be take apart.

The edges are folded over and welded at the corners. The table is made of stainless steel or powder coated aluminum. As a special coating, we also offer a wooden look.

This example shows a typical Mayan motif, which act as FOTOBLECH very well. We also do logos of companies or portraits. Request

FOTOBLECH as decorative wall design of a bar


This example shows that design-perforated panels with backlighting are especially effective. Either, as here with artificial backlighting, or at a window with natural illumination: The brighter the background, the more obvious the effect.

Importantly, FOTOBLECH can be delivered at room height up to 250cm. (Also available as a special size to 300cm height). Larger areas can be simply realized by stringing together several sheets.

We also offer the corresponding LED Lighting. These are very thin (15mm) and light up the background homogeneous. Photo: Hebei Aim.

FOTOBLECH as fence


This is a classical application area for our design-perforated sheets. We are working in this area together with established providers and metal fence contractors. So we can supply complete fence systems including installation. One of our partners: Creative Zaun Design.

But you can also use the fence panels alone, which we fold back as required at the edges so that they are stable and can very easily be installed.

With a double folded edge at the top of the fence panel there is a handrail. In addition, the field is stiffened so very well. When the motif extends across multiple fields, it is important that the sub-structure and the frame are dainty. See Catalog page fence.