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Gartentisch Papierkorb

FOTOBLECHS are suitable for a wide range of artefacts such as tables, etc.

Whether it's furniture, privacy screen, wall lights, gate entrances, radiator covers, ornaments, sliding doors, aluminum case or bar elements now .... get inspired!

It doesn't always have to be "just" a Fotoblech...


The results of our pattern generators can not only be used for photo sheets. Numerous providers use the motifs for a wide variety of purposes: Photo pillows, puzzles, towels, T-shirts and much more.

The output format PDF 1: 1 supports you optimally.
Here is the Pattern generator

Example motif:
Blätterwerk Beispiel

FOTOBLECH as table


Not only in the classical architecture you can use FOTOBLECH applications, but also in the interior, such as a table. Of course, our tables are weather resistant, making them ideal as garden furniture. Despite the relatively low weight this table is very stable and even able to be take apart.

The edges are folded over and welded at the corners. The table is made of stainless steel or powder coated aluminum. As a special coating, we also offer a wooden look.

This example shows a typical Mayan motif, which act as FOTOBLECH very well. We also do logos of companies or portraits. Request

Corten steel table

Cortenstahltisch Cortenstahltisch

Decorative table (40 * 60 * 40cm) made of Corten steel for garden use.

If light shines through the motif, the FOTOBLECH pattern on the top is projected onto the inside as a shadow. Depending on the incidence of light, there are different effects.

FOTOBLECH as a wall light


Backlit FOTOBLECH offer more contrast and make them even better. They are also suitable as a surface light on the wall or on the ceiling. The edges will be folded over, so that a very thin Lightbox is created with a surface light.

The example here shows an A2 large wall lamp as a reading lamp. The top edge was folded over twice, so that the lamp could easily be hung on two hooks.

A piece of light can be made up to 1.5 * 3m tall. We use either LED Lighting (1.5-2.5 cm thick) or luminescent films with only 0.5mm thickness.

FOTOBLECH as an aluminum case of a special kind


Our recent example makes perfectly clear that not only facade elements can be created by FOTOBLECH. An aluminum case design with cut-outs! Admittedly, a little bizarre, but it has its advantages. Apart from that it´s an eye-catcher and also very lightweight. In this case, stainless steel is not recommended, because the case would be too heavy.

For all those who are not satisfied with the same old uniforms of suitcases and bags, it is an interesting alternative.

This shows the functional aspect of FOTOBLECH: When speaking of lightweight construction it´s perfectly the correct material. There are some research projects. We report the results of this.

FOTOBLECH as grill


Corresponding to the season, we have attached the FOTOBLECH as individual grill. Made of stainless steel, it is a nice alternative to the other grills. Any size is possible. The perforated pattern, if desired, can be transferred to the food.

The edges are folded up again so that no sausages can drop. Small pieces of barbecue never fall again into the fire. If necessary, portions of the grill bars are defined in which no holes exist. These areas could, for example, be used as hot plates.

At the bottom of the photo the sheet also serves as a base for the ashes. That would be a gift for your next visit to friends, wouldn´t it?

Masking (Moscow, Russia)

Referenz 8 Referenz 8b

Planning: Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Lunova GmbH
Material: 2,5mm steel sheet

Fotoblech is not only used as a design element. It also has functional aspects. Shown here as a mask in a sandblasting process for glass surfaces.

An example that Fotoblech patterns not only be punched, but also printed, lasered or just sandblasted.