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FOTOBLECH - Software licenses


What does the software do? The FOTOBLECH software converts any images into special perforated sheet patterns with holes of different sizes. The algorithm is a patented in-house development and specially optimized for the possibilities of punching machines. There are also more from 40 pattern generators, which create individual patterns.

With our method, more information can be displayed per area than usual, which makes the images more recognizable. It is constantly being expanded and offered in different versions.

Do you only offer the software or do I also get finished sheets? Both as well. Depending on your wishes, we provide the software, the conversion service or the finished punched perforated sheets.

What do I need to make the software run with me? The software runs in the cloud. This means that no installation or special requirement is necessary - apart from Internet access. Dealing with it is simple and self-explanatory. You can start your project immediately.

License variants

DESIGNER (Fotoblech)
SVG output, all hole shapes, filters and settings.

PATTERN (Pattern)
Extensive functions for creating patterns.

ARCHITECT (Fotoblech & Pattern)
In addition to DESIGNER: DXF output, masking, mono diameter, statistics.

PRODUCER (Fotoblech & Pattern)
Maximum scope of services, including sample generators and project database: European licenses are sold out.

3 months: € 50.-
6 months: € 90.-
10 Patterns: € 13.-
100 Patterns: € 100.-
500 Patterns: € 400.-
100 DXFs: € 100.-
3 months: € 480.-
12 months: € 840.-
Europe: Sold out
Worldwide: on request
Fotoblech x-xx
pattern generator -xxx
frame generator -x-x
Fotoblech patent xxxx
smallest/largest hole xxxx
stochastics xxxx
minimal web xxxx
straight/staggered rows xxxx
output format PDF A4 xxxx
output format DXF -xxx
output format CSV ---x
output format SVG xxxx
output format PNG -xxx
output format GIF -x-x
output format JPG xx-x
output format WEBP -xxx
output format PDF full size-xxx
Preview xxxx
border xxxx
hole shape round xxxx
hole shape square xxxx
hole shape triangular xxxx
invert xxxx
color preview xxxx
factor xxxx
thresholds x-xx
color distribution x-xx
noise filter xxxx
rim diameter x-xx
mask x-xx
punching probability -xxx
dynamic probability -xxx
color assignments --xx
statistics -xxx
horizontal / vertical -xxx
mono diameter -xxx
transparency gradient -x-x
specific grid --xx
delta XY ---x
weight table ---x
project database ---x
request notification ---x
store and load parameters ---x
slanted perforated sheets ---x
jitter position -x-x
jitter diameter -xxx
optimal fit pattern -x-x
finger protection ---x
toolset -x-x
Maximum file size of template10 MB15 MB15 MB>15 MB
Maximum image size of template4 Mpxx6 Mpx13 Mpx
Language German xxxx
Language English xxxx
Language French xxxx
Screenshot license Designer Screenshot license Pattern Screenshot license Architect Screenshot license Producer

All prices excl. tax

Our patented process


Lunova GmbH has held the FOTOBLECH patent since 2013. It allows much more information to be transmitted per area than would otherwise be possible. This enables finer structures, finer gradations and better display quality.

The acquisition of a FOTOBLECH software license includes the right to use this patent.

More than perforated sheets

The FOTOBLECH output formats


PDF A4. A format for preview including information on free area and hole density as well as adjustable foreground and background colors. All licenses.
DXF. Vector format. Only with architect and manufacturer license.
SVG. Vector format for viewing on the web.
CSV. Table with vector data. Manufacturer license only.

PNG. Pixel format full color space, lossless
GIF. Pixel format with 256 colors, lossless
JPG. Pixel format full color space, lossy
WEBP. Pixel format full color space, lossy / lossless

PDF Full size. Vector format in full screen and original size.

Example PDF preview

DXF - example file

Grid 1

Here you can use the example of the "Grid 1" pattern generator to download both a DXF sample file and a typical photo sheet PDF preview for test purposes. (4-8mm holes)

- PDF-Preview and DXF on large format (3000 * 1500mm)
- PDF-Preview and DXF on medium format (2500 * 1250mm)

Filtered grid 1 pattern
Grid 1

Mac and PC compatible


The programme runs entirely in the cloud.

If there is a newer programme version, it will be installed automatically without download or install it again.

Whether you work on a PC or Mac, the software works.

The FOTOBLECH toolset


The software typically generates holes in equal increments, often in whole or half a millimeter, between the smallest and largest possible diameter.

If a certain diameter is not available in production, this can be taken into account by defining a toolset. That means: Less investment in certain stamps.

Tool collection

Function: Selective probabilities

dynamische Wahrscheinlichkeit dynamische Wahrscheinlichkeit

Dynamically controlled perforation probability

If needed, we can control the probability of punching a hole or not depending on the potential hole size.

Small holes tend not to be punched. Large holes are more likely.

This results in a reduction of the number of punched holes by approx. 50% with a high contrast of the image at the same time.

Function: Dynamic Jitter


With the jitter function we let the holes dance.

Now even more dynamic: The maximum degrees of freedom are calculated for each individual hole and then the position is changed at random. Of course without the holes intersecting.

In the example on the left you can see in combination with the possibility of setting the hole spacing differently horizontally and vertically. This results in a nice line pattern.

Finger protection


With certain hole diameters, there is a risk that children can get stuck in it with their fingers.

Wherever children's hands come near the perforated plates, our software should do so with the "finger protection" function certain hole diameters are excluded and converted into harmless hole diameters.

Protection especially for railings
Achern balconies

More efficient punching


Due to the special conversion algorithm all images are stamped with a minimum set of punches. That enables us to punch motifs efficiently and without conversion.