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FOTOBLECH - privacy screens

FOTOBLECH as a porch for .... open spaces


Extensive parts of FOTOBLECH are ideal for designing open spaces. Hard glass fronts are broken and leave space behind it individually. Depending on how opaque the FOTOBLECH are elected, they are seen as facade elements or as separators.

Here is an example as a porch where you can see how beautifully FOTOTBLECH is integrated into the facade. Floral designs are very popular and show an unagitated light game that fascinates.

Folded edges of the plates show integrated webs, which save more substructures when doing this. The sheets which are colored after punching have been matched exactly to the environment.

Vestibule (Gallneukirchen, Austria)

Referenz 1 Referenz 1b

Architect: Peter Schneider, Schneider Lengauer Architekten
Implementation: Metallbau Hammerschmid
Material: 3mm anodized aluminium panels

A floral pattern separates interior and exterior of this private villa. Therefore the swimming pool in the yard receives more intimacy. Outside life still remains perceptible.

Example: FOTOBLECH as a screen in front of a window.


The blinds of that window here look as if someone had attached a curtain.
But that is a fake. Indeed it is a motif created with FOTOBLECH.

FOTOBLECH enables you to define dense and airy spaces exactly where needed.
The more privacy is required the closer is the perforated plate in this area.

Choosing your subject you are completely free whether simple or complex patterns representation.

We take up any image and convert it into a hole pattern. The different holes all together form the motif.

FOTOBLECH as a protective screen in front of a pool


With FOTOBLECH you can protect your pool area against your neighbors' views. You can precisely define the areas that should offer more privacy than others.

Here you can see the Pet Grooming Bella in Dietach which is also an advertising sign. To increase the contrast a white plastic netting has been put behind. It is always recommended when the background is rather restless and the FOTOBLECH color is very subtle.

At the top the edge was dejected twice, resulting in a kind of handrail. The lower edge was folded only 45 degrees, so there are no places where dirt can accumulate and the water can drain.

Privacy protection (Dietach, Austria)

Referenz 3 Referenz 3b

Planning: Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Lunova GmbH
Material: 2mm Powder-coated aluminium with mesh behind

A single screening element in front of a pool. Folded edges make no further substructure necessary. Behind the FOTOBLECH there is an additional mesh to intensify the contrast. This way the construction remains limited transparent.

Garbage enclosure (Munich, Germany)

Referenz 15 Referenz 15b

Architect: Susanne Gabriel, Keller Damm Roser
Implementation: Schlosserei Schichl
Material: 3mm powder-coated aluminum

A wall of sliding elements for waste containment of a courtyard.
The pattern consists of repeating logo.

The panels were bolted to a frame of 40 * 40mm angles.

FOTOBLECH Sliding curtain

Sliding curtain Sliding curtain

With the right edging and a good curtain rail system, FOTOBLECHE can be very easily implemented as a sliding curtain.

The individual parts made of aluminum are rigid and hook into each other when moved. The FOTOBLECH panel curtain is also suitable as a room divider.

FOTOBLECH fence as a privacy screen in Berlin Bahnhof Tempelhof

Berlin Tempelhof Berlin Tempelhof

Fences and railings are typical applications for FOTOBLECHE. This example shows not only the aesthetic but also the functional advantages.

Download: Fence flyer

For fences and railings you can, for example, integrate your house number or your company logo. In addition, you can precisely control the opacity for each area. So, like here, garbage containers can be easily hidden.

FOTOBLECHE as a privacy screen and room divider at trade fairs

counter wall

FOTOBLECHE also cut a good figure in exhibition stand construction:

On the left an example of a special punching for the room separation
on a trade fair counter.

On the right an application at the FSB Cologne trade fair.

Privacy screens Pädagogische Hochschule (Linz, Austria)

Referenz Pädagogische Hochschule Referenz Pädagogische Hochschule Detail

Artist: Rainer Füreder
Owner: Pädagogische Hochschule Linz
Implementation: Friedrich Schuler Bedachungen GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Privacy protection in the living area with over-wide elements.

The elements divide the open space into zones of calm atmosphere for working and resting.

House entrance (Cugnasco, Switzerland)

Referenz 9 Referenz 9b

Architect: Michael Stürchler, Schmid & Partner Gartenbau AG
Material: 3mm powder-coated aluminium

Wall element as a screen and shading a house entrance.

Floral / abstract representation. The edges were folded over for reinforcement and installation. So there is no extra frame. The shining sun throws the pattern on the floor and the wall opposite.
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