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FOTOBLECH - fences and railings

FOTOBLECH as a railing and stairwell cladding

Biberach Balkone Biberach Balkone
Colors. Autumnal Fotobleche with vivid tree motifs add colorful accents to railings and facades. They infuse the surroundings with a warm, natural atmosphere.
Railing / Biberach

FOTOBLECH - Balconies and Railings in Feldkirchen

Feldkirchen Feldkirchen Feldkirchen

High opacity. Targeted control of transparency:

Dense for the balconies with a vertical pattern and transparent for the upper railings.

FOTOBLECH - railings in Vienna, Donaustadt

Vienna Vienna

Leaf motif. Courtyard and street-facing with a flat design without an additional handrail. With a focus on privacy.

Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6


FOTOBLECH - railings in Wasserburg - Hotel Lipprandt

Wasserburg Wasserburg Wasserburg

Lettering on grasses. Lettering embedded within the patterned metal sheet subtly conveys messages.

Picture 4, Picture 5

FOTOBLECH - railings and facade in Hannover

Nikolai Nikolai

Floral motif in the residential area with subtle coloring, it provides privacy screens in the right places - in the lower section of the railings.

Catalog page

Nikolai Quartier

FOTOBLECH - fence in Schweinfurt - ZF museum

Schweinfurt Schweinfurt Schweinfurt

Trellis. The holes in Fotoblech also serve as trellises for your plants.

An optimal utilization of space between the back and the perforated sheet.

Balconies customized to customer patterns in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden Wiesbaden

Specifications. Upon request, you can provide your individual patterns for Fotoblech to incorporate unique designs and personal style into the design, as shown here in the example of Wiesbaden.

Flat aesthetics. Fotobleche can make the substructure of balcony railings disappear, create a smooth aesthetic, and give a seamless, appealing look.
Picture 1, Picture 2, Google StreetView

FOTOBLECH - balustrade, Darmstadt

Corten steel - Interior railing offers modern elegance with a rust-red patina. Its sturdy structure and unique character make it a striking architectural element.

Double shell. The double-shell perforated metal railing offers a modern design with intriguing views, shadow plays, and aesthetics. It gives the staircase a contemporary, airy, and appealing look.
Corten steel in the staircase

FOTOBLECH balcony extensions in Wiesbaden, Old Courthouse

Wiesbaden Wiesbaden

Revitalization. The addition of Fotoblech balconies on supports is an innovative and aesthetically appealing solution to breathe new life into buildings without excessively concealing the existing architecture.

Pattern Gradient. Balconies with this pattern offer advantages such as privacy from below while providing clear views for residents through the transparent top surface. Aesthetics, privacy, and outlook are optimally combined here.

Picture 3, Picture 4

Rosenheim, Riedergarten

Rosenheim Rosenheim Rosenheim

Handrail, garage door, and privacy fence elements
Fotoblech pattern 'White Noise' with distinctly colored frames and stainless steel handrails.

Additional pictures:
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FOTOBLECH - Hotel counter in Bad Füssing

Bad Güssing
Messages. Fotobleche with embossed image allows the hotel to communicate its identity, brand message or certain values subtly but effectively.

A well-chosen display can tell the story of the hotel, represent the local culture or even draw attention to special amenities or services.
Hotel FrechDachs
Bad Güssing

Fotoblech balconies in Vienna's Döbling district, Nussberggasse.

Wien Wien

Floral design. With their charming combination of functionality and aesthetics, floral motifs in photobleaching are a popular choice for balconies. They create an inviting atmosphere and give the balconies a unique flair.

Integrated handrail. Fotoblech balconies often forgo a separate handrail and instead integrate it into the surface, resulting in a reduced, aesthetically flat appearance.

Picture 3, Picture 4, nussberggasse.at

The Dresden residential district at Altmarkt

Dresden Dresden Dresden

Street-side privacy screens and court- yard-side railings
Railings that are opaque enough so that no one needs to install their own privacy screen.

Straubing, Townhouses Flurlgasse

Straubing Straubing

French balconies. Fotobleche with folded edges offer an innovative way to create French balconies. They combine functionality with modern design and give buildings a stylish touch.

They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure and aesthetic solution for window locks. Detail

Ulm, Wohnen am Weinberg

Ulm Ulm Ulm

Railing and privacy screen

Square and triangular perforation with a downward vertical flow that is opaque.



FOTOBLECH with curves. Punched Fotoblech sheets are not limited to rectangular shapes, but can adapt to any form. This is particularly advantageous for gates with arches, as shown by the example of the Alsbach brewery.

Fotoblech sheets are individually and precisely cut to meet specific needs and achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. The use of Fotoblech sheets provides high flexibility in adapting to given natural dimensions.

Vienna, Charasgasse

Vienna Ornament Vienna Vienna

FOTOBLECH - Ornaments

Wrought iron railings reinterpreted. A modern-surface design with reminiscence on Viennese building traditions.

FOTOBLECH - Entrance gate with lettering

Mustergenerator "Hook". This pattern is characterized by geometric shapes at a 45-degree angle, which are formed by interconnected hook-like chains in irregular hole sizes. The design can be either three-dimensional and space-filling or abstract, depending on the shaping.

Lettering. All FOTOBLECH sheets can be combined with any lettering of your choice. Hook PDF catalog
Vienna, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

FOTOBLECH Special: Sloping sheets at their best


Patterns in a new form. With Fotoblech, the rows and columns of the perforated sheets can be adapted to the outer shape - even if it is not rectangular. No matter whether it is a generated pattern from one of our pattern generators or a converted image template.
The hole sizes adapt to this as well. This makes it very easy to implement slopes in fences, sloping walls or perspective effects without the edges "fraying" or showing unwanted staircase effects.

Image, For comparison: With and without form fitting, Example of a angular lamp design (PDF)

FOTOBLECH - Coarse perforation with fine transitions

Vienna Zaun
Captivating coarse perforation with a strongly reduced leaf motif. The basically only 2 hole sizes (8 and 20mm) emphasise the contrast. When looking at it, the eyes are tempted to search for the optical connecting lines between the balconies.

Sharp transitions. The transitions between the hole sizes are calculated in such a way that they appear sharp and there are no steps in the slopes.

Project number: 210520-01

Vienna, Brigittenau

FOTOBLECH Special: railing with border and dynamic pattern


Our pattern generator "Square" with dynamic hole probability and the frame "Balcony 1".

With dynamic hole probability, the hole probability depends on the hole size.

Field view, Sample catalog Square

FOTOBLECH-Balconies in Vienna Liesing, Eschenpark

Wien Vienna

Floral pattern. An abstract floral pattern cascades over all parts so that the pattern runs continuously. Due to the pattern arrangement, different high railings form a uniform image.

Optimum transparency. By sampling on a scale of 1:1, the optimum transparency can be determined in advance. This can be controlled almost arbitrarily and is usually between 20 and 25%.

Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6


Vienna Zaun
Rough perforation with abstract floral pattern. The flora behind the fence is anticipated by the hole pattern and thus included in the design.

Slopes and maximum height. The fence system has different slopes with fence panels up to 2 meters high.
Vienna, Liesing

FOTOBLECH-Railing in Vienna 22, Baranygasse

Vienna Vienna

Generated pattern. A balcony railing from our "White Noise" pattern generator. The square perforation runs in straight rows with only one hole size with a probability of 60%.

Made-to-measure unique items. All railing fields are calculated individually and the perforation fits exactly into the specified dimensions. Although the fields are of different lengths in detail, the overall picture is homogeneous.


Railing motif from the perforated sheet pattern generator

Klagenfurt Geländer Klagenfurt Geländer
Abstract pattern generated with the pattern generator
"Tile 3".

Pattern image
Railing in Klagenfurt

FOTOBLECH with initials at the gate


With FOTOBLECH, special highlights are set up. In this example you can see initials in a doorway. FOTOBLECH can easily be integrated into other systems of fences and railings. Applied on glass FOTOBLECHE elements can also be.

FOTOBLECH can also be combined with standard perforated sheets. The centers of the holes remain neatly arranged so that a smooth transition to other hole patterns is possible.

Most mounting systems can be used without modification. We often edge the sheets, however, so that less substructure is necessary than normal.

Diamond shape: slanted photo sheets for stair railings and fence fields


Especially for garden fences and banisters, the perforated plates can not only be rectangular, but can also climb according to the slope of the terrain and thus form a rhombus.

The rows of holes follow the slope regardless of the pattern and create a harmonious image. Here is an example of a generated pattern of our pattern generator "Strings 1". Sample page, example

Rising rows of holes
Rising detail

FOTOBLECH in security Sliding


Especially on company premises safety is extremly important. With FOTOBLECH you can combine safety and design. You can see here an example of an industrial door with integrated logo.

In this case, the use of stainless steel due to the higher strength is better than aluminum.

The margins are with very small holes so that it looks like one frame. Even if you look from the side of the photo sheet the subject is very easy to see. Even if the gate is dirty the theme can be recognized easily. The sun's rays break in each of the holes and let the FOTOBLECH shimmer.

FOTOBLECH Special: Garden fence with gradient and gradual transparency


Garden fences are often also a privacy screen.

Here is an example using our "Tile 4" pattern generator with gradient, jitter effect and one that runs continuously and becomes increasingly dense.

PDF, Catalog page sample, PDF catalog sample

FOTOBLECH with ornament


FOTOBLECH is particularly well suited for any type of ornament. Many classical and modern ornament patterns are available. They can serve as a decorative element or as a framework, for example.

Here in this example you can see a fence with an ornamental element.

All kinds of mosaics can be customized with FOTOBLECH and reinterpret. If you have a pattern or ornament and want to know how it looks like in FOTOBLECH: Just send it to us. You get back a preview not binding.

FOTOBLECH as a garden gate

Marchtrenk Gate
An individual garden gate with the message: "Here I watch!"
and an almost opaque background.

Unlike normal perforated sheets, Fotobleche
clearly convey what to expect. A message is conveyed.

The purpose inherent in the component is carried outwards.
Animal motif in Marchtrenk
Marchtrenk Gate

FOTOBLECH fence as a privacy screen in Berlin Bahnhof Tempelhof

Berlin Tempelhof Berlin Tempelhof

Fences and railings are typical applications for FOTOBLECHE. This example shows not only the aesthetic but also the functional advantages.

Download: Fence flyer

For fences and railings you can, for example, integrate your house number or your company logo. In addition, you can precisely control the opacity for each area. So, like here, garbage containers can be easily hidden.

Blades of grass as a railing motif: Opaque in the right places

Achern balconies Achern balconies
Floral blade of grass as a subtle privacy screen, especially in the lower area of the balcony railing.

Railings in Achern

Reference: Gate system with company logo (Delmenhorst, Germany)

Referenz BGW Referenz BGW Detail

Implementation: Heinrich Schlütter Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH
Material: Galvanized steel 2mm, powdercoated

Multi-part gateway with integrated company logo and Internet address. An example of how image symbols and fonts can be designed as FOTOBLECH.

The surrounding perforation is so fine that a good eye protection is ensured.

Forest motif as a railing and box house cladding

Dresden Stairwell cladding Dresden Balconies
House numbers and logos can be optimally integrated into the FOTOBLECH motifs.

Floral motif in Dresden

Referene: Fence (Salzburg, Austria)

Referenz 7 Referenz 7b

Planning: Brodinger GmbH, Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Schlosserei Ellmauer
Material: 2mm anodized aluminium

Fotoblech as fencing and screening of the company Brodinger.

Square hole in offset rows. The elements are doubly folded and can be hooked into the substructure very easy.

Sliding door (Freistadt, Austria)

Referenz 2 Referenz 2b

Architect: Erich Lengauer, Schneider Lengauer Architekten
Implementation: Metallbau Hammerschmid
Material: 2mm aluminium powder coated in front of a glass structure

A 4-piece furring an automatic sliding door with a company logo to be seen at the Main Square Freistadt. From a distance the grid is no longer perceived but the glass constructions and the logos behind. Coming nearer the lattice effect is more obvious than from the distance. In June 2018, Raiffeisenbank moved to Linzerstraße.

Cinema counter (Prague, Czechia)

Referenz 4 Referenz 4b

Architect: Martina Tietz, Chapman Taylor
Implementation: Martek Contracts Ltd
Material: 1mm stainless-steel in front of a plexiglass construction

All counters of "Cinema City" in Prague were clad with Fotoblech. Behind them are 5mm plexiglass sheets mounted with LEDs behind. Most of the sheets of the counter are arc-shaped. The pattern of each sheet run seamlessly one into the next.