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patented technology

FOTOBLECH - Catalogues

FOTOBLECH Hauptkatalog

FOTOBLECH main catalogue

In this catalog you can see examples of FOTOBLECH in architecture, art and business.

Download: Catalogue

Various uses of FOTOBLECH are described as well as the most siginificant advantages of the material.

FOTOBLECH als Fliese


FOTOBLECH is also suitable as a tile. When do this, FOTOBLECH are glued to the wall and the holes are filled with grouting material.

Download: Tile-Flyer (German)

The filled holes can be used as a towel holder. When it will be removed again after many years, the holes will be filled again, and the tile will look completely new.

FOTOBLECH als Empfang

FOTOBLECH as reception area

FOTOBLECH are more effective the lighter the background is. It also offers an extremely wide effect. FOTOBLECH attached as a screen at a bar - and also with backlit - it is certainly an eye-catcher.

Download: Counter-Flyer (German)

Whether it is the reception area in an office or the foyer of a cinema: FOTOBLECH impress!