Referenzen Fotoblech
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FOTOBLECH - References

Ventilation grid Sky Tower (Vienna, Österreich)

Referenz Sky Tower Referenz Sky Tower Detail

Architekt Podsedensek ZT
Implementation: Scheiner Blechtechnik GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Exhaust vents for the staircase with extremely large free area >50%. The background with maintenance door is lit.

The motifs - known buildings in Vienna - give the residents orientation in which of the 18 floor buildings they are located.

Wall covering restaurant IKO (Vienna, Austria)

Referenz IKO Wandverkleidung Referenz IKO Detail

Implementation: Scheiner Blechtechnik GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, golden anodized

Various geometric patterns as a wall covering of the restaurant IKO in Vienna (Wipplingerstraße 6 - near Stephansplatz)

Inspiration for our pattern generator "IKO", see Pattern catalog or Pattern page

Ceiling and facade Neue Spinnerei (Traun, Austria)

Referenz Neue Spinnerei Eingang Referenz Neue Spinnerei Fassade

Team M Architekten ZT GesmbH
System: Design-Planum, Domico
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Event center with wall and ceiling coverings of the special cassette system from Domico.

A symbolized mesh gives the facade expressive power.

Privacy screens Pädagogische Hochschule (Linz, Austria)

Referenz Pädagogische Hochschule Referenz Pädagogische Hochschule Detail

Artist: Rainer Füreder
Owner: Pädagogische Hochschule Linz
Implementation: Friedrich Schuler Bedachungen GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Privacy protection in the living area with over-wide elements.

The elements divide the open space into zones of calm atmosphere for working and resting.

Railings and facades Nikolai Quartier (Hanover, Germany)

Referenz Nikolai Quartier total Referenz Nikolai Quartier Detail

Kellner Schleich Wunderling Architekten + Stadtplaner GmbH
Implementation: SMB GmbH, Jessen
Assembly: AUGUST PRIEN Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG
Material: Aluminum 3mm, powdercoated

300m² Railings and wall cladding of a new residential district for joint housing of all age groups in Hanover.
The perforated panels are wall-colored, inconspicuously but attractive to the facade.

Gate system with company logo (Delmenhorst, Germany)

Referenz BGW Referenz BGW Detail

Implementation: Heinrich Schlütter Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH
Material: Galvanized steel 2mm, powdercoated

Multi-part gateway with integrated company logo and Internet address.

An example of how image symbols and fonts can be designed as FOTOBLECH.

The surrounding perforation is so fine that a good eye protection is ensured.

Wall covering Strolz Skiservice (Lech am Arlberg, Austria)

Referenz Strolz Skiservice total Referenz Strolz Skiservice Detail

Architect: Kitzmüller Architektur ZT GmbH
Design: Anja Peter, J. Armellini Design GmbH
Material: Aluminum 2mm, powdercoated

Wall covering of the ski depot in the second basement of the Strolz ski service building right in the center of Lech am Arlberg.

A special feature here are the numerous integrated doors to adjoining rooms and storage areas.

Wall covering of the Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg, Germany)

Referenz Elbphilharmonie total Referenz Elbphilharmonie Detail

Architect: Marco Smith, formwaende
Implementation: Hinsche GastroBau
Material: 2mm steel, powdercoated

The wall cladding of the restaurant Deck & Deli Störtebeker on the 8th floor in the plaza of the Elbphilharmonie.

The Fotoblech is thereby homogeneously backlit in a large area.

Facade pattern of the Penkenbahn (Mayrhofen, Austria)

Referenz Penkenbahn total Referenz Penkenbahn Detail

Architect: Helmut Reitter
Implementation: V-MET GmbH
Material: Aluminum powdercoated

The valley station of the new Penkenbahn in Tyrol was lined with Fotoblech. A very high hole density results in a filigree pattern.

Interesting light effects also result from the inside. The interior of the building is protected without losing the sense of what is going on outside.
Google StreetView

Art in the waiting area (Dachau, Germany)

Referenz 16 Referenz 16b

Artist: Michael Krause
Material: 1,5mm powder-coated aluminum

A five-part work of art in the waiting area of the Sparkasse Dachau.

The background is painted black so that the contrast in the Fotoblech comes into its own.


Facade (Cologne, Germany)

Referenz 13 Referenz 13b

Implementation: Stahlbau Glasbau Metallbau Menz
Material: 2mm powder-coated aluminum

A facade of folded Fotoblech with very small holes (2-5mm diameter) and unperforated sections.
Incl. integrated entrance door and a multi-unit roller door.

The pattern repeats cascade over the surface. Dividing lines in the pattern make the transitions between the sheets "invisible".

Garbage enclosure (Munich, Germany)

Referenz 15 Referenz 15b

Architect: Susanne Gabriel, Keller Damm Roser
Implementation: Schlosserei Schichl
Material: 3mm powder-coated aluminum

A wall of sliding elements for waste containment of a courtyard.
The pattern consists of repeating logo.

The panels were bolted to a frame of 40 * 40mm angles.

Wall covering (Frankfurt, Germany)

Referenz 14 Referenz 14b

Implementation: Göppel Metallbau
Material: 2mm Corten steel

A backlit wall covering: Marriott in Frankfurt.

Prepatinated corten steel sheets were folded cassette-shaped.

The rough surface in combination with the backlighting give a warm climate.

Exhibition walls (Vienna, Austria)

Referenz 12 Referenz 12b

Architect: Bettina Bigler, planstelle
Pictures: Stefan Fuhrer, Fuhrer Visuelle Gestaltung og
Material: 2 und 2.5mm aluminum uncoated

Exhibition walls for the new exhibition "Oil & Natural Gas" of Technisches Museum Wien.

On large, self-supporting panels motifs of the exhibition are shown. The sheets were folded and reinforced with a frame made of aluminum.

Facade (Passau, Germany)

Referenz 11 Referenz 11b

Architect: Erwin Wenzl, Wenzel-Architekten
Material: 2mm Cortenstahl

FOTOBLECH / glass - facade in Passau, Bräugasse 14

A perspective pillars and arches - pattern.
The FOTOBLECH are designed as double-shell wall, with triangular openings. Depending on the visual angle thus make very different visual effects.
Photos (2 MB)

Facade (Linz, Austria)

Referenz 10 Referenz 10b

Architect: Ulrike Witzmann
Artistic design: Rainer Füreder
Material: 1,5mm RHEINZINK-prePATINA blue-gray

FOTOBLECH-Facade as a screen in front of a glazing.

Abstract, artistically designed motif with subtle effect.
As material, a zinc-titanium alloy was chosen. It is already pre-patinated and requires no additional coating. The sheets were screwed onto galvanized steel frames.

House entrance (Cugnasco, Switzerland)

Referenz 9 Referenz 9b

Architect: Michael Stürchler, Schmid & Partner Gartenbau AG
Material: 3mm powder-coated aluminium

Wall element as a screen and shading a house entrance.

Floral / abstract representation. The edges were folded over for reinforcement and installation. So there is no extra frame. The shining sun throws the pattern on the floor and the wall opposite.
Photos (18 MB)

Facade (Leipzig, Germany)

Referenz 6 Referenz 6b

Architect: Adrian Reutler, DNR Daab Nordheim Reutler
Implementation: Bau- und Kunstschlosserei Quooß
Material: 3mm powder-coated aluminium

Facade of a REWE store in Leipzig (Scheffelstr. 34).

A figural representation with dark background. Some parts are not perforated. Here you can see a photo realistic effect from a short view distance.

Vestibule (Gallneukirchen, Austria)

Referenz 1 Referenz 1b

Architect: Peter Schneider, Schneider Lengauer Architekten
Implementation: Metallbau Hammerschmid
Material: 3mm anodized aluminium panels

A floral pattern separates interior and exterior of this private villa. Therefore the swimming pool in the yard receives more intimacy. Outside life still remains perceptible.

Masking (Moscow, Russia)

Referenz 8 Referenz 8b

Planning: Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Lunova GmbH
Material: 2,5mm steel sheet

Fotoblech is not only used as a design element. It also has functional aspects. Shown here as a mask in a sandblasting process for glass surfaces.

An example that Fotoblech patterns not only be punched, but also printed, lasered or just sandblasted.

Privacy protection (Dietach, Austria)

Referenz 3 Referenz 3b

Planning: Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Lunova GmbH
Material: 2mm Powder-coated aluminium with mesh behind

A single screening element in front of a pool. Folded edges make no further substructure necessary. Behind the FOTOBLECH there is an additional mesh to intensify the contrast. This way the construction remains limited transparent.

Sliding door (Freistadt, Austria)

Referenz 2 Referenz 2b

Architect: Erich Lengauer, Schneider Lengauer Architekten
Implementation: Metallbau Hammerschmid
Material: 2mm aluminium powder coated in front of a glass structure

A 4-piece furring an automatic sliding door with a company logo to be seen at the Main Square Freistadt. From a distance the grid is no longer perceived but the glass constructions and the logos behind. Coming nearer the lattice effect is more obvious than from the distance. In June 2018, Raiffeisenbank moved to Linzerstraße.

Cinema counter (Prague, Czechia)

Referenz 4 Referenz 4b

Architect: Martina Tietz, Chapman Taylor
Implementation: Martek Contracts Ltd
Material: 1mm stainless-steel in front of a plexiglass construction

All counters of "Cinema City" in Prague were clad with Fotoblech. Behind them are 5mm plexiglass sheets mounted with LEDs behind. Most of the sheets of the counter are arc-shaped. The pattern of each sheet run seamlessly one into the next.

Privacy (Hamberg, Austria)

Referenz 5 Referenz 5b

Planning: Private, Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Private
Material: 2mm aluminium powder coated

An arcuate privacy of all balconies of a private house. Playing with shadows on the wall of the house. In part, 2-shell and a combination of two patterns. The design hides blind boxes and holders of the railing.

Fence (Salzburg, Austria)

Referenz 7 Referenz 7b

Planning: Brodinger GmbH, Lunova GmbH
Implementation: Schlosserei Ellmauer
Material: 2mm anodized aluminium

Fotoblech as fencing and screening of the company Brodinger.

Square hole in offset rows. The elements are doubly folded and can be hooked into the substructure very easy.