Fotoblech als Sichtschutz Fotoblech
patented technology

FOTOBLECH - Perforated sheets for individual facades

With FOTOBLECH you get your own perforated sheets, freely designed according to your specifications.
A software converts any photos in perforated plates with different sized holes. Our patented algorithm ensures a high quality presentation.
Designers and architects can also use our software online and let their creativity run wild.

FOTOBLECH - projects
You have a specific project in mind? We will assist you with your project!

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Get to know the possibilities of FOTOBLECH

Examples of our perforated sheets

Lochblech Motiv-Lochblech Sichtschutz Fassade Aluminium Edelstahl Zaun Raumtrenner Kunstwerk Foto

Our patented process

Lochblech Patent

2013 received Lunova GmbH the patent.

Creative design ideas with perforated plates

Perforated sheets offer many original, high quality decorative possibilities for the design of facades and privacy protection for indoor and outdoor use. With FOTOBLECH you give a building expression. Functions of the components are visible.

Here are some examples of the scope of FOTOBLECH

  • Perforated sheets in facade design
    An aluminum façade wins with a perforated metal punching on appeal.
  • Perforated sheets for the fence design
    A fence made of perforated metal elements is not only weather resistant and provides the desired privacy,
    but also has a highly decorative.
  • Perforated plates made of stainless steelas a screen:
    Stainless steel blinds with metal stampings in decorative patterns or with stamped lettering can be customized and is a real eye-catcher.


in Gallneukirchen
(3mm anodized aluminum)
in Passau
(2mm Corten steel)
in Linz